Haven Holistics is a Ayurveda infused Herbal Beauty | Skincare Line, inspired by using Mother Nature’s plants as medicine and their incredible ability to heal and transform us. Owner and operator Hayden has been dedicated to a lifestyle rooted in Ayurveda for eighteen years.

The kitchen is considered to be the most sacred space in Ayurveda, which inspired “Haven;” a place of safety or refuge. This is where she began her journey in crafting medicinal body care products that manifest self-love.

Instead of being an on the go line, uniquely, Haven Holistics embodies a much more intimate approach. There is no greater demonstration to honor the body than physically massaging oneself in oils that hold such fine medicinal ingredients from the earth. Because the products are made with love in a sacred space, they are intended to be applied with love in a sacred space. Whether your individual practice involves praying or simply acknowledging you are part of your body, Haven products are designed to be paired with a ritual in thanks.

Every ingredient from the growing collection is from the earth, organic, all natural and plant based. Haven Holistics products are available online and can be found at select spas in California.